What to Expect at Your First Visit:


Prior to your appointment:

Fill out our new patient paperwork found below and

please gather any recent or pertinent bloodwork

as well as any imaging reports or consults.  You can

e-mail these to dr.roycroft@medicineintheraw.com, so

Dr. Roycroft can review these prior to your scheduled



What to bring to your appointment:

Please bring your new patient paperwork if unable

to e-mail as well as your most recent or pertinent bloodwork and any pertinent imaging reports or consults.  These will help Dr. Roycroft to obtain a full picture of your health status and conditions.

Note:  if you are unable to complete our new patient paperwork please arrive15-20min early to your scheduled appointment time to complete them in the office


Initial consultation:

At Medicine In The Raw, we pride ourselves on personalized care.  At your first office visit Dr. Roycroft will take time to get to know you, your health concerns, and your health goals by taking a complete health history. After completing a naturopathic assessment a personized wellness plan designed to meet your specific needs will be given to you after your consultation.  Individualized care takes time so plan on spending 60-90minutes at your scheduled appointment.  Please take some time at home to complete the forms above and be sure to bring them to your visit.


Follow-up consultation:
30-45 minutes

Follow-up visits are scheduled to check in and monitor your progress, answer any of your questions or concerns that have arisen, and adjust your treatment plan if necessary.  Once health is restored, a personalized wellness plan will be made to prevent future illness and help you stay on track to achieving your goals in maintaining your health.


Skype/Phone consultation:
Comprehensive Skype/phone consultations are available. These consultations are done in the comfort of your own home and are scheduled like an in-person appointment.  These visits are charged the same as an in-person visit and payment is processed at the end of your consultation.  Please be sure to fill out the new patient paperwork and e-mail it to dr.roycroft@medicineintheraw.com along with any recent or pertinent bloodwork and/or imaging before your scheduled appointment time.


The amount of support you need to implement your wellness plan, the severity of your illness, and the rate of your progress will determine the frequency of your visits.


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